Available July 21st, 2020


Vietnam war veteran Michael Delucca suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and struggles to resist the dark memories of his frontline experiences that haunt him. Estranged from the post-war everyday life around him, working a steady but low-paying job, and even with a supportive girlfriend and the opportunity to reconnect with the son he never watched grow up, Michael sinks into a gritty underworld from which he may never return.

Written and directed by real-life decorated war veteran, Samuel Gonzalez Jr., Battle Scars depicts with brutal authenticity the insurmountable difficulties thousands of soldiers face after returning home.

Directed by:

Samuel Gonzalez Jr.

Written by:

Samuel Gonzalez Jr. & Christopher Lang

Story by:

Samuel Gonzalez Jr. & Christopher Lang and Michael Kuper

Produced by:

Christopher Lang

Samuel Gonzalez Jr.

Emily Trosclair


Kit Lang

Illya Konstantin

Vince Benvenuto

Emily Trosclair

Amanda Menneto

And Arturo Castro

Executive Producers:

Emily Trosclair

Atenas Reynaga

Directors of Photography:

Zachary Leazer

Ezequiel Arribas

Production Designer:

Robert Dancy


Samuel Gonzalez Jr.

Music By:

Michael Lee Bishop

Songs by:

April Wine

Costume Designer

Karina Velez

Digital Intermediate Colorist:

Santiago Padilla

Associate Producers:

Ezequiel Arribas

Jonathan Jirjis

Robert Dancy

Robert Doyle

Jodi Serkes